GALLERY: Jaguar F Type

Jaguar makes some seriously nice cars, but without breaking the law, it's hard to unleash them on your everyday roads. This is where the Jaguar Experience comes into play. Usually open for Jaguar customers or potential buyers only, 20 lucky CarAdvice competition winners got to experience the best of Jaguar at Sandown Raceway...

In five short years, Jaguar has turned its F-type lineup into a complex tangle not dissimilar to a ball of yarn undone by a catnip-addled feline. To wit, the 400 Sport reviewed here is now the third six-cylinder F-type. It joins a coupe and convertible family that launched with 340- and 380-hp six-cylinder variants and a 495-hp V-8 model but has since expanded by way of an entry-level four-cylinder engine , optional all-wheel drive, an available manual transmission for certain V-6 trims, and more-powerful V-8s including a range-topping 575-hp SVR .

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