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Sculptured and sensual, the Huracán’s design is based on the spiky hexagonal forms of the carbon atom, while the seamless roof profile is an unmistakable mark of the Lamborghini DNA. The Huracán is unique even in the dark, thanks to the alluringly “technological” light of its full-LED lighting system. Choose your favourite Lamborghini Huracán and discover its technical specifications.

With 14,022 units produced, the Gallardo is the most successful Lamborghini model ever made. During its ten-year production run, it took the brand into a completely new dimension. In true Lamborghini tradition, the successor to the Gallardo also takes its name from the world of bullfighting: Huracán was a fighting bull of the Spanish Conte de la Patilla breed who fought in August 1879 in Alicante. His unyielding character made him invincible.

In October 2016, the Performante set a lap time of 6:52. 01 on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, with Marco Mapelli behind the wheel, making it the world's fastest production car around the track. This lap was also made on Marco Mapelli's first attempt. However, some critics have stated complaints around the car's lap time, from the official video being sped up to make the lap believable, to the speeds displayed in the video being false or that it did not use road tires. However, Lamborghini was able to prove that the lap the Performante did was fully legitimate exactly a week after the lap around the Nordschleife when they revealed the data to car website, Road & Track. Máté Petrany of R&T had met with lead engineer of Lamborghini, Maurizio Reggiani, to ask about the lap. It was then revealed by Reggiani that the Performante's active aerodynamic system called Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva is what gives the car the greatest improvement in lap time. It is said by Lamborghini that on ALA's most aggressive setting, 750% more downforce is created compared to the standard LP 610-4. What is more important is the spoilers snapping into their lowest-drag setting when the Performante is aimed forward, which results in the removal of acceleration impediment that big aero causes.

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